Life is Better with Music.

Music is an integral  part of everyone’s lives- we use it for therapy, to express feelings, relieve stress and anxiety, and just for pure enjoyment! Studies have shown that playing an instrument, especially the piano, is extremely beneficial in multiple aspects- it increases brain development, eye-hand coordination, develops fine motor skills, and teaches important life virtues like dedication and patience.

Kids love music, but most kids hate music lessons! Why is that?

Piano lessons are often viewed as “homework” and just another task to be “checked off” the list. This is because, sadly, many piano lesson programs are focused on just facts, with little to no room for exploring music creatively with appreciation and enjoyment.

When a teacher taps into a students inner creative and curious mind, it is amazing what wonderful things are produced! I aim to create a fun, relaxing, encouraging atmosphere in my studio so students feel free to express themselves through music creatively.

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“Miss Bethany knows how to relate to my granddaughter in a way that keeps her excited about learning! She looks forward to coming to her lessons each week.”

“Miss Bethany is very patient and gentle with her teaching which in turn makes my girls very eager to learn. They cannot wait to go to piano lessons each week.”


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