The subject of at-home practice often causes conflict between student/ parent/ teacher.When your child does not want to practice, piano becomes a chore. With my program, students will leave their lesson each week knowing exactly what to practice and how to achieve their goals with ease, all while having fun! Creativity is greatly encouraged, and we explore  many different genres & styles of music.


File_004My students:

  • Learn sight reading and how to keep a steady rhythm from day one so they are prepared for all kinds of music.
  • Learn and review music theory  concepts through games and activities
  • Benefit from developing life skills shown by science through music instruction.
  • Learn all their songs in the lesson, so
    they go home confident in knowing what to do, instead of feeling lost and confused.
  • Have the opportunity to compose & create their own music.
  • Photo_2017-04-27_05-44-25_PMExplore different genres of music; including pop, jazz & gospel to name a few

….all while having fun!


Lessons are available for children ages 6 and up.